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Visit Paris in a luxury Citroen Traction

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The unique Paris city tour in this type of Citroën

La Citroën Traction

Built between 1934 and 1957, the Citroën Traction saw its history linked to the occupation and the resistance. Its ease of being stolen combined with exceptional road qualities for its time made it the preferred vehicle of gangsters.

The particularity for the time of this formidable automobile, the front wheels and not the rear wheels are driving. This is becoming one of the techniques that characterises the Citroën brand.

Sold with more than 760,000 copies, it was considered “the car of the century”, “classic among the classics” and “the French car par excellence”. The Front Traction controls the centrifugal force. Continually improved by André Lefèvre, this Citroen has opened the way to mass production of vehicles equipped with this technique.